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Learned to run before I could walk,
Learned to sing before I could talk.
Embraced the advanced, forget the basics,
Teetering precariously on an unsteady basis.
Content with the Pythagorean theorem,
Yet stupid mistakes throw me into the other room.
It's kinda sad and oh how bored,
As the teacher sprawls old math across the chalkboard...
There was a time when I once surpassed,
Almost the entire class.
Now I'll have to claw to the top,
Ensure that the stupid mistakes come to a stop!
Learn to study, haven't done that in years...
Homework burring me up to my ears,
It's going to be difficult, but I must do it!
Otherwise I might as well just say, "screw it..."
Take up a job at the fast food joint...
Rot away, have life lose all point...
But no!  I refuse to let that happen,
There is no way I'll allow my life to sadden.
There must be a way for it all to work out,
A social life/studying, there is little doubt.
I leave now on a happier note,
Hopefully it stays, this flash of hope.
Life is a fight, no doubt about it,
Happiness can be achieved, just how to go about it...
But for now I must head to my Chemistry lab,
There is potential fun to be had.
Farewell for now and I hope you all,
Know sometimes the rise comes after the fall...
It's rather ruff, wrote it during my lunch break the other day... Just some of my feelings about my stupid math class that I've been degraded into taking... *sad sigh*
angelobelmont Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
Nice work my friend!:D
SilverDragonwolf Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
Thank you my friend :aww:
angelobelmont Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
You're very welcome:D :hug:
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September 29, 2007
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